DER Authorization


Authority to certify structural modifications and alterations to aircraft

Michael J. Pagnotta has been an FAA Structures DER (Part 23, 25, and 27) since 1996. New, modified, or repaired aircraft must comply with the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). Compliance can be approved by a DER without direct FAA interaction. The DER serves as the “eyes and ears” of the FAA and approves the new, modified, or repaired aircraft or rotorcraft based on the findings of compliance.


•  Structural analysis of aircraft and rotorcraft in accordance with the applicable FAR
• Finding compliance with the FAR for new, modified, or repaired aircraft or rotorcraft
• Test witnessing and approval in support of compliance finding
• Issue of 8110-3 forms approving the new, modified, or repaired aircraft or rotorcraft

Recent DER Authorization Projects

NASA HU-25A ACTIVATE Program - Aircraft Crown Modification

NOAA Twin Otter - Drop Chute Modification

BAC 1-11 Fuselage Modification

Beechcraft Bonanza A36 - Battery Shelf Redesign

Mount three large and one small instruments to the upper fuselage of an HU-25A research aircraft for NASA Langley.
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Design a new drop chute located in the aft baggage compartment for NOAA's fleet of four Twin Otter aircraft
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Redesign battery support shelf for support larger aircraft battery for piston engine to turboprop conversion
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