TX Transformer

Project Overview:
DevelopmentĀ of the ARES VTOL TX Transformer

Piasecki Aircraft Corp. and Lockheed Martin (end user DARPA)

Services Performed:
Provided design development and structural analysis of the center wing, pylon, tail and spindles of the TX Transformer.

Structural Analysis:

  • Created a detailed Finite Element (FE) Model of the wing structure
  • Modified the FE Model as necessary when design changed
  • Provided section cuts and free-body diagrams of flight events as required
  • Performed detailed structural analysis of the:
    • Center Spar
    • Duct Tilt Assembly
    • Fairing Fittings
    • Inner and Outer Ribs
    • Landing Gear
    • Leading Edge
    • Spindle
    • Pylon/Pylon fittings
  • Performed buckling analysis to identify structural deficiencies
  • Provided final FE Model and analysis files to Piasecki

Engineering Design:

  • Performed design studies and weight reduction effort
  • Modified the center wing tail structure to satisfy deflection requirements
  • Modified the spindle to satisfy deflection requirements
  • Supported various design changes specified by Piasecki
  • Participated in weekly teleconferences and on-site support as necessary at Piasecki in Essington, PA

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