T-38 Autopilot

Develop the T-38 auto-pilot actuator

American Systems Corporation

Services Performed:
PEI provided structural design, analysis and fabrication vendor management of the T-38 auto-pilot actuator linkages and support brackets

Structural Analysis:

  • Analysis of components (using FAR Part 25) including the:
    • floor reinforcement
    • tapered pin/torque arm
    • actuator arm and link
    • pitch torque arm
    • roll shaft torque arm and roll feelspring shaft
    • pitch actuator bracket and console
    • actuator shaft
  • Deflection studies and FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)

Engineering Design:

  • Generation of 3D geometry from paper drawings
  • Design of the auto-pilot system, selection of linkages and actuators
  • Created component, installation, and assembly drawings
  • Iterations to ensure component fit, updated drawing and analysis to reflect the as-built configuration
  • Vendor Management as required to ensure that requirements are met, including trips to inspect hardware
  • On-site visits to gather information and inspect the T-38, present design and analysis results, and support the installation effort