New York Wheel

The New York Observation Wheel on Staten Island

New York Wheel, LLC

Services Performed:
PEI was awarded the structural analysis of the 40-passenger capsule of the 630-foot New York Wheel.

Structural Analysis:

  • Created detailed Finite Element (FE) Model of passenger capsule structure
  • Analysis of hundreds of load cases including combinations of dead, live, ice, earthquake, extreme wind and temperature profile
  • Detailed analysis of the Static and Rotating Rings, Spine, Floor Structures and Firewall, Boarding Step, Window Glazing Frames, Mechanical Closeout, and Roof Panel
  • Deflection studies of the bearings
  • Detailed analysis of the glass windows to meet difficult manufacturing demands
  • Analysis of the emergency evacuation pole structure and attachments
  • Buckling analysis to identify structural deficiencies
  • Provided system stiffness matrices and connection loads at various points throughout the structure
  • Supported various design changes specified by the NY Wheel Team
  • Provided final reports to and reviewed all drawings for the NY Wheel Team
  • Weekly teleconferences and on-site support as necessary at the NY Wheel Team office in New York, NY

Please see the New York Wheel website for more information and videos: