Develop the MUOS Reflector Mass Simulators

Lockheed Martin

Services Performed:
PEI provided design, analysis, and fabrication of the MUOS Reflector Mass Simulators including the MBA and Legacy Simulators.

Structural Analysis:

  • Create Finite Element Models of the configurations
  • Perform buckling and detailed static stress analyses
  • Functional Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Engineering Design:

  • Generate solid models of the proof loading configurations for the mass simulators
  • Develop solid models representing the design concept for the MUOS Reflector Mass Simulators
  • Generate part, assembly, and installation drawings of the configurations
  • Manage development design and analysis engineering, fabrication, installation, site acceptance testing, and first time use supervision
  • Supported weekly teleconferences as well as on-site Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews at LMCSS facility