MH-60 Flight Simulator Upgrade

Develop the Legacy Upgrade Effort (LUE) on the MH-60M Flight Simulator

AEgis Technologies Group, Inc.

Services Performed:
PEI provided structural design and analysis forĀ development of the Black Hawk simulator upgrade

Structural Analysis:

  • Generate finite element model including the:
    • New electric actuator interface
    • Modifications to the projector platform and projector wedges/turret
    • Electric control loaders within the cockpit interface frame
    • Motion platform ballast
  • Quasi-Static analysis for body acceleration and gravity loading
  • Buckling analysis and deflection study
  • Global and Detailed Stress including weld and mechanical joints
  • Hand analysis of the drawbridge, toe-brake, seat shaker, and main control loader mechanisms

Engineering Design:

  • Detailed design, part and assembly drawings of the:
    • Motion platform ballast
    • Electric actuator system interface
    • Projector support structure
    • Electric control loader interface
    • Electric motion system
    • Drawbridge mechanism system
    • Sub-woofer design platform system
    • Toe-brake system
  • Design of reinforcements as required by analysis
  • Revise system level assembly drawings and bill-of-material
  • Excursions study with new electric motion system
  • Design the projector ventilation system
  • Design projector electronics mounting
  • Design of the parking brake solenoid