MH-47G and MH-60M Projector Supports

Project Overview:
Develop the redesign of the MH-47G and MH-60M Projector Support Structures (PSS) 

Flight Safety Visual Systems

Services Performed:
Provided structural design and analysis of the MH-47G and MH-60M projector support systems redesign.

Structural Analysis:

  • Evaluated simulator excursions to ensure fit in facility
  • Performed mass balancing and weight reduction studies
  • Generated detailed Finite Element (FE) Model of the re-designed components on the full systems including the projector platforms and chin windows
  • Performed modal, static stress, and buckling analyses
  • Provided detailed analysis of the PSS and its connections to existing structure

Engineering Design:

  • Developed new designs for complex components while reusing less complex, non-structural components
  • Evaluated pro and cons of each design considering strength, cost, manufacturability, and reliability
  • Generated STEP and SolidWorks files for the redesigned components
  • Participated in weekly teleconferences with Flight Safety Visual Systems