Spacelab Pallet (SLP) STS Hardware Components for STS-123

Project Overview:

Spacelab Pallet structural verification for shuttle mission STS-123


Orbital Sciences Corp. for NASA Goddard

Services Performed:

Stress analysis of SLP Primary Structure:

  • Analyzed primary, stabilizer, and keel trunnions
  • Analyzed primary trunnion bolt (bolted joint analysis with new bolt material)
  • Provided keel fitting fail-safe and fracture analysis
  • Generated analysis of standard hard points 1-24, SPDM Attachment Pallet Hardware (SAPH) Interface
  • Provided analysis of frame 1 hard points (OTP, THA, FRGF AND PDGF interfaces) including fracture assessment
  • Updated panel ding and dent analysis

Secondary Structure verification and attachments to SLP:

  • Performed analysis of ECOM, WIF, and EVA handrail adapter plate