Composite Utility Pole

Develop a 45 ft. Class 3 Composite Utility Pole

Utility Composite Solutions, Inc.

Services Performed:
PEI provided design, analysis, and support testing of the four stackable fiberglass laminate sections of the utility pole.

Structural Analysis:

  • Generated system level finite element model
  • Quasi-Static analysis for various load cases including:
    • Wind on wire and pole with and without ice
    • Extreme wind on all structures without conductors or ice 
    • 3,000 lb. lateral test load plus gravity
  • Global and Detailed Stress including mechanical joints
  • Complied with NESC/ANSI strength requirements
  • Composite Structure analysis

Engineering Design:

  • Created initial design model of utility pole
  • Incorporated design changes as analysis required
  • Generated all detailed part and assembly drawings

Support Testing:

  • Developed test plan and requirements
  • Supported testing of 3 utility pole segments
  • Supported testing of utility pole assembly
  • Generated test report