UAV Launch Shuttle

Pagnotta Engineering, Inc. (PEI) was awarded redesign development with the goal of reducing the shuttle’s weight by 25% but increasing payload capacity. The weight reduction, and thus inertia reduction, allows for additional payload without changes to the UAV launch ramp system.

Project Overview:
UAV Launch Shuttle Redesign using Composite Materials

UAV Launch Shuttle CAD model (PTC Creo)

Vector Composites (for AAI Textron and US Army)

Services Performed:

  • Developed conceptual candidate designs (3D CAD)
  • Evaluated pro and cons of each design considering strength, cost, manufacturability, and reliability
  • Completed development of best design option including FE analysis (strength and fatigue) and preparation of all manufacturing drawings
  • Supported preliminary and critical design reviews
  • Supported first article build and testing

The redesigned shuttle weights only 75% of the original and increases its payload capacity by making use of carbon fiber composite materials.