Management Team

Michael J. Pagnotta

President & Founder

  • Over 35 years experience in structural analysis, design, finite element modeling, and hand analysis. Analysis experience on airframes, space vehicle structures, electro-optic precision pointing instruments, flight simulator structures, entertainment ride structures, and large steel and aluminum structures. Structures Designated Engineering Representative (DER) for the FAA
  • Composites analysis experience includes LAVI all-composite aircraft, the Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite (UARS) primary structure, the RADARSAT satellite, wing and horizontal tail of the Seawind aircraft, the housing for a stabilized binocular, aircraft interior components, several flight simulator support structures, and a composite utility pole
  • Test experience includes static testing of the UARS and GGS satellites, static testing of components for STS-125, modal and random vibration testing of components for STS-125, sine-on-random testing of aircraft components per DO-160, and static testing of a composite radome
  • Mechanical Systems experience includes lead Mechanical Systems Engineer on the GGS satellite program, mechanical systems experience for various components of the STS-125 mission, and several ground handling structures
  • Experience includes static and dynamic analysis of composite and metal structures, bonded and bolted joints, thermal distortion analysis, fatigue, fracture, buckling, and non-linear analysis. Experienced with both NASTRAN and ALGOR Finite Element codes, IDEAS and FEMAP model processors
  • BSCE from the University of Dayton (1980)
  • Licensed Professional Engineer, NY, PA, NJ, FL, CT, VA, and CO

John W. Callahan

Vice President

  • Over 30 years of design engineering and structural analysis experience in the aerospace, electro-optic, and simulation industries for mechanical products including gas turbine engines, composite structures, aircraft simulators, optical mounts for high-precision measuring instruments, and commercial medical products.
  • Structural analysis experience on flight simulators and spacecraft flight and MGSE hardware including the International Space Station ELC, DARPA Falcon Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle, and Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator (ASRG) programs.
  • Test experience includes static and dynamic testing for the Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator (ASRG) including random and sine vibration. Dynamic analyses performed include forced limited random vibration, sine transient pulse, sine disturbance, and acoustic.
  • Responsible for supervising the design team as well as program manager on flight simulator upgrades including B-52, RC-135, KC-130R, and CH-53D, and CMHP including design of aluminum honeycomb composite structures.
  • Design experience using PTC Creo (Pro/ENGINEER), SolidWorks,  AutoCAD, and CADKEY computer aided design programs and structural analysis using NASTRAN Finite Element code and FEMAP model processor.
  • BSME from the University of Virginia (1987)

Alex V. DiEdwardo

Engineering Manager

  • More than 25 years of practical experience in mechanical/structural design and finite element and hand analyses of composite and metallic structures. Project engineer and lead structural analyst on numerous space flight hardware, flight simulator, GSE, and ASME Section VIII pressure vessel evaluation and restoration projects. Performed SLP carrier structural verification for space shuttle mission STS-123 and STS-125. Structural analysis experience includes modifications to aircraft and rotorcraft in accordance with FAR Part 23 and Part 27.
  • Lead stress analyst on AIM spacecraft through PDR. Mechanical systems engineer on development of large optical mirror support structure for use on motion-based flight simulators.
  • Structural analysis using FEMAP/NASTRAN and hand analysis techniques. Experience includes static and dynamic analyses of composite and metal structures, bolted and welded joints, thermal distortion analysis, fatigue, buckling, and non-linear material analysis. CAD experience includes 2D and 3D solid modeling using AutoCAD and CADKEY.
  • Experimental stress and vibration testing experience includes use of strain gages, spectrum analyzers, laser vibrometers, accelerometers, impact hammers, shakers and modal analysis software.
  • BSME (1990) and MSME (1992) from Binghamton University, NY, specializing in mechanical vibrations with applications in electronics packaging. Completed course in ASME Section VIII Division 2 pressure vessels.
  • Licensed Professional Engineer, State of Pennsylvania